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We are a team

Meet Rocio and Javier

Thank you for visiting our website. We want to tell you our story. The passion for photography is in our genes. We live with a camera in every instant of our lives: Throughout the days and nights. The moment arrived after years of living and working among the diverse American culture. We were inspired to create a business in video and photography through our bilingual communication and customer service experience, and more importantly, our passion for photography. It helps that we also have experience in management, marketing, and social media.

Photography is the way we capture images of everything the universe offers. We can provide a unique experience because we are sensitive to human beings, the universe, and life in general. We understand that acquiring artistic photographs for personal use; retaining memories of personal or family events; personalizing images to help with the planning, executing, and closing of a project; communicating a cause through images; reaching a goal or leading a successful business are among the main wishes or needs of our clients. No matter if the task is temporary or permanent, we are ready to respond to our clients' needs. At any point of the process-- from beginning to end-- a good photograph or video will help clients perpetuate any moment and achieve any unique goal. When planning your events, always temporary, you will need a good image to capture and convey the most relevant message to your audience. Leave that part to us and rid yourself of that stress.

We are entrepreneurial photographers

In 2018, Borrero Photography participated in the Business Accelerator "Negocios Exitosos" with the organization Emprendimiento Para Todos (EparaTodos or E For All), an organization that seeks to help Latino and other entrepreneurs find ways to expand their markets and become successful business owners. Borrero Photography has created a fresh business model, where the customer comes first, the innovation is permanent, and the experience is unique and personalized. 

The Latino community that has sought us out has witnessed this process from the beginning. People love that we are bilingual and understand the multicultural changes the United States is experiencing. We communicate with everyone who finds in English a common element for understanding between people.  

Thanks to Entrepreneurship for All, North Shore Latino Business Association NSLBA, and Professional Photographers of America PPA for your guidance and support. The business has grown and flourished for three years now. Nonetheless, today we have plans to expand as we respond to new communities, rapidly changing technologies, and evolving trends.