Borrero Photography is a North Chelmsford, MA based professional photography business. We work photographing weddings, social events, portraits, corporate head shots, and landscapes.

Our preference and main focus is wedding photography. We offer professional wedding photography in MA / NH, to couples who want to have something to remember their special day by and are willing to hire our professional service. Our goal is to take some of the stress away so couples can enjoy their special day without worrying about their memories being beautifully captured.

The quality of our photography is elegant, personable, and memorable. Do not worry about capturing your special memories. Whether you want to capture a memory of your engagement, the wedding ceremony, and/or the reception, we will take care of it.

Please contact us and ask about our different packages, financial options, and how we will dedicate our time and resources to provide a personalized service. We create an unique and unforgettable experience by working with our clients with love, compassion, attention, and communication.

Other services such as social events, portraits, corporate head shots, and landscapes are available, and we are ready for respond at any time.

The 2019 season is open for Weddings, Graduations and Other Family celebrations. We recommend that you book with us now and secure your event in advance.

History and Bios

After years of living and working in this beautiful, American melting pot of cultural diversity, the Borrero family gained experience and strength in bilingual communication and customer service. Along with these strengths, their passion in professional photography inspired them to bring forth their new business.

Since 2017, this business has increased in the number of customers seeking Wedding, Maternity, Portraits and Head Shots photos for personal or professional purposes.

As event photographers, we have participated in events for non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, such as:

Furthermore, the company is participated in the program “Negocios Exitosos” with the organization Eparatodos, an organization that seeks to help Latino and other entrepreneurs find ways to expand their markets and become successful business owners.

Javier and Rocio are Bilingual in English and Spanish, and you may find our products, services, and blogs on our website in both languages.

Javier is a self-taught photographer, with college education in management and entrepreneurship. With strong experience in customer service and years of experience in professional Photography, Video editing, Design, Photoshop and Premiere, Javier can meet the services you want.

Rocio is also a bilingual photographer, with college education in Television production and directing.