Photography for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and community in Lawrence Ma

Happy to be present and to be able to help the community with our photography. Young singers with their families gathered to sing in Lawrence Ma, for the 2nd recital – We Can Too / También Podemos – Great event organized by Kelsy Duran – KDuran Voice Trainer.

Borrero Photography ready to help in corporate and cultural events, and help other entrepreneurs, businesses, and community in general.


Felices de estar presentes y poder ayudar a la comunidad con nuestra fotografía. Cantantes jovenes con sus familias se reunieron para cantar en Lawrence, para el 2d recital – We Can Too / También Podemos – Gran evento organizado por Kelsy Duran – KDuan Voice Trainer.

Borrero Photography listo para ayudar en eventos corporativos y culturales, y ayudar otros emprendedores, negocios y comunidad en general.

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Live to Dream Singing Competition, and “Noche Colombiana” events

Photography of cultural events, such as the Dream Singing Competition and Noche Colombiana. Young singers and professional dancers performed in Lawrence, the same day and simultaneusly. Borrero Photography was present in both of them.

Happy and honored to work in photography for different Hispanic groups in Massachusetts. Two events on the same day and almost simultaneous, challenged us and we were able to work on them without any difficulty. In this opportunity, the team of Borrero Photography worked with Kelsy Duran and his singing school, in the “Live to Dream Signing Competition”, and also with the Colombian Cultural Committee of the Merrimack Valley, in the “Noche Colombiana” event, Cali fair.

Very young singers were present at the song contest. And dance with music Salsa, also with music from the Tuna of the University of America, delighted us with their musical talent. This is a brief selection of photos of these two events:

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